“Content Management Systems”

In this week we learned about what makes a content management system.

We learned about how Drupal and WordPress worked, as well as where they came to be, and how we can use them to fit our own needs.

The major thing we learned from this class is that Content Management Systems are a viable way to create a website without having to start from scratch within a notepad file, thus saving ourselves a lot of time and resources on creating our website, or a client’s website.

We learned how to use Drupal to create a blog post, and we also learned how to select a theme, as well as adding and removing plugins or modules through the use of the UI provided.

We did all this through Linux on our own localhost server to get a better understanding of how servers work for serving web pages and websites.

We also learned and worked with Drupal on it’s base program, without any modules, plugins or themes to see what it looks like to use a Content Management System without any changes made to it yet.


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