Hello World

We recapped on our study of HTML and CSS, talking about how it all works, how to work with it, and why we use it.


In summary, HTML works with the use of tagging elements and adding values or attributes to these tags to place the content on the page, such as <h1>Heading</h1> to display a large piece of text that says Heading.

We then learned that CSS is used to style the page in whatever way you like, such as through colour, font, font-size and family, or the positioning of elements in relation to other elements through the use of floating, padding and margins.


Throughout the class we were given examples and working demonstrations of the changes each type of change that was made on the content with different attributes, and using deference, we saw how content would change based on various tags being used on the same element, such as {div p} as opposed to {p}


Some other information we went through were things like how to efficiently segment your code, as well as how to cleanly display the content on the page in a nicer format than simply plopping it all down onto the white page.

This effectively gave us a better understanding of how it all worked and how best to implement our own webpages with content that we desired.



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