In this class we studied up more on Content Management Systems, mainly using Drupal through Pantheon.io hosting as the server.

We learned about blocks and structuring our page, as well as modules.

Blocks are the areas of the web page, consisting of the Header, Main Body and Footer, along with various other spots like Footer Right, Header Center, and so on. This allows you to display information such as a location on the bottom right of the page, the links at the top center, the content in the body middle, and various other things that you’d like to be seen by the visitor on the page.

The modules are then like little widgets that you can plug in to your page to do various different operations, and can consist of almost anything, resulting in a brand new UI for the developer to move files around and edit their page, or it can be something like where you enter the Konami Code (Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, B, A) that would then cause some javascript actions to occur on the page.

I decided to use google maps, Tetris, Konami Code and a few other behind the scenes modules to make working with my website easier as well as more entertaining to the visitor.

We also installed our own themes, and I chose to go with Selecta as I thought it looked to be quite nice for what I wanted my page to do and act like.


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