This class we learned and communicated about interaction on a website.

More specifically we talked about how we can make a site interactive through the use of blog posts, blog entries and forums with subforums within them. We also spoke about creating web polls and forms that can be used to send and collect information about the users of the site.

Forums are one of the more well known and almost required part of community based websites, and have been around as one of the earliest forms of interaction online.

There are a variety of forum management modules on Drupal, as well as the core of Drupal 7 that has a forums module included.

Forums allow users to create topics under the various main topics, such as General, News, Gaming, etc, and posts that are related to those subtopics inside of them, allowing for other users to comment and post as well to interact with the other users of the website.

Blog entries are another way of creating interaction between users, allowing the user to create a post about a specific topic, push it to the site, and then for users to be able to click in and read that post, before commenting below or to the side with something other users can then see and interact with.


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